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Basic Health Check up

Health is Wealth!! An unhealthy person cannot work to his full potential. Further, he has to spend a considerable amount of money on treatment. One cannot ignore the mental tension suffered by near and dear ones; this can't be quantified in terms of money, but still constitutes a major blow to the morale and mental health of all concerned.

Gateway to healthy living

A "check-up" used to be something that you did regularly; visited your doctor just to see if your weight, blood pressure, vision, etc. were healthy. And, insurance would cover it. Today, there are many sophisticated health screenings that can help you preserve your good health. Simple testing can uncover health concerns at an early stage, when treatment is less complicated and often more effective.

The tests at City Hospital include the following:
Doctor's Consultation with Complete Medical Examination Complete Haemogram (Haemoglobin, Total - Differential Leukocyte Count, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, Haematocrit, Peripheral Smear) Blood Group (ABO, Rh) Blood Sugar (Fasting and post prandial) Blood Urea Serum Uric Acid Serum Creatinine Serum Cholesterol Lipid Profile Urine Examination X-Ray Chest PA E.C.G. Eye Examination Gynaecologist Consultation and Pap Smear Test Post check-up Consultation
Cost (in INR)
For men: 1250.00
For women: 1500.00

Comprehensive Health Check Up

Our present day life style makes it mandatory for everyone to undergo complete health check-up, at least once in a year. The people are also more health-conscious today, and the increasing stress demands every person to undergo Health check-up. Recognizing and treating potentially harmful conditions earlier rather than later, is more effective and less costly, and prevent future problems.

The comprehensive health check-up features the Exercise Stress Test (T.M.T.), in addition to the above package of tests.
Cost (in INR)
For men: 2250.00
For women: 2500.00

The Executive Health Check Up

The executive health check-up is designed for busy executives with stressful lifestyles. The check-up is also beneficial for smokers, and those who are exposed to higher levels of air pollution, since they've significantly higher risk of coronary and lung related ailments. The executive health check-up at City Hospital is designed to go beyond the traditional model for medical care, which is almost exclusively structured to treat existing medical problems and serious illnesses, by prescription medications and surgical procedures.

The executive health check-up features, in addition to the above package of tests, the following:
Exercise Stress Test (T.M.T.) Liver Function Tests Pulmonary Function Tests (routine) Ultrasound (whole abdomen)
Cost (in INR)
For men: 3000.00
For women: 3500.00

The Executive Cardiac and Health Check Up

Indians, as a result of unique genetic factors and lifestyle patterns, are at a considerable risk of heart ailments. The executive cardiac and health check-up is a comprehensive set of tests, which assess the state of your cardiovascular system. In addition to all the tests mentioned above, this check-up includes consultation with a cardiologist, evaluation of the risk factors, and advice on possible lifestyle changes, which will help you lead a healthier life.

The executive cardiac and health check-up features, in addition to the above package of tests, the following:
Dental Consultation ECHO ENT Consultation Exercise Stress Test (T.M.T.) G6PD HBsAG Liver Function Tests PSA Test Pulmonary Function Tests (routine) Serum Electrolytes Stool Examination Ultrasound (whole abdomen) VDRL
Cost (in INR)
For men: 5600.00
For women: 5600.00

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