City Hospital
45 MODEL COLONY,SRI GANGANAGAR, RAJASTHAN-335001, PH0NE: 154-2461641, MOBILE: +91-94610-78765

General Information

Patient Booking:
All patients must have a BRN (Booking Reference Number) before receiving a 1st. visit clinic appointment.
A booking number can be obtained by contacting the Central Booking Area on the number listed below
Telephone Number: 0154-2461641 (direct line)
Hours : 8.30 - 16.00 Monday to Friday

Ante-natal classes:
Please ring early to book your classes for a better choice of times. There are seven classes in the course. The course commences when you are between 28 - 32 weeks gestation
To book please call 0154-2461641

Due to the unpredictability of deliveries (only a small percentage of babies deliver the day they are due) rooms obviously cannot be booked in advance. Once delivered private patients are then and only then put on the list for single rooms.
Rooms are usually vacated at approximately 11:00 am each morning. Some of the patients on the list from the day before are then admitted. It depends on the time of delivery and how busy the Hospital is at the time, as to how long one has to wait for a private room. Patients may have to be accommodated in semi-private rooms for all or part of their stay.

Flowers are very beautiful and a traditional gift for people in hospital but they may pose a risk of infection as flower water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Vases also make it difficult for our cleaning staff to clean the wards. if your friends and relatives bring you flowers please: Change the flower water every two days
Throw away any dying flowers
Please note that some areas may have a ban on flowers and plants - please ask the ward staff.

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