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Maternity Services

Giving birth is one of life's greatest experiences. That is why we at the City Hospital work from the premise that it is important for all women to participate proactively, to have continuity and to be able to make decisions about their own pregnancy and birth. From your first visit to the care you will receive having had your baby you will receive support, help and good advice from us.

We hope that the information provided to you will answer a lot of the questions you may have about the type of services and options available to you at the National Maternity Hospital. Our aim is to support you in your choices and make the birth of your baby an exciting experience for you and your family.

We hope that your pregnancy, the birth of your baby and the weeks following the birth will be remembered as being a happy event and that your experiences during this time will match your expectations.

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Maternity Care Options

This section describes the type of care options available to pregnant women in the City Hospital including public and fee paying options. The hospital provides a wide range of maternity services to suit you, through the Public and Semi-Private Out-Patients Department.

Booking Your Choosen Care Options

This section details how to obtain a Booking Reference Number and a first appointment for your chosen maternity care option. It also details your first visit, the importance of cancelling appointments you cannot attend, attending as an emergency and if you have special requirements.


This section gives you an overview of classes held within the hospital to prepare you for the birth of your baby and care of you and your baby following birth. It includes details of the Early Pregnancy Class, a course of classes you and your partner can attend to prepare you for the birth.

Antenatal Admissions

This section covers what happens if you require to be admitted to hospital during your pregnancy, the accommodation and the antenatal day assessment unit.

Fetal Assessment Unit

This section details the services provided by the Fetal Assessment Unit including the Early Pregnancy Unit, Routine Dating Scans, Fetal Assessment and Pre assessment.

Labour And Delivery

This section details your time spent in the labour ward, signs of labour, when to come to the hospital, pain relief.

Postnatal Care

This section includes what will happen having had you baby. It includes a list of what you will need for you and your baby, postnatal accommodation and the tests the baby will have done while in hospital.

Breast Feeding Support Services

Breastfeeding Support Services.

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