City Hospital
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Patient Care

Whether you are in need of a routine medical procedure, rehabilitation to help recover from an accident, or care on a temporary basis in your home, we can help.

Our Philosophy of Care
At City Hospital, our reputation is built on our ability to provide the service you want, and need, resulting in excellent medical treatment you can rely on, and personal care you'll appreciate. Our patients can be confident that their rights will be recognized, and respected by all staff involved in their care regardless of their age, disability, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Our Promise to You
As a patient in City Hospital, we will make every effort to ensure that you receive the excellent standard of care that you deserve.

>Within the hospital
During every visit to City Hospital, we will endeavour to ensure that you.

Receive information about our services in a language that is easy to understand

Be cared for in a safe and comfortable environment, with appropriate clinical standards

Be given a clear explanation about your condition by our consultant, and any treatment, investigation, or procedure proposed including any risks, and alternatives before agreeing on the course of action to be taken

Be able to seek a second opinion if you so wish

Have reasonable access to your medical records

Expect all hospital staff to treat any information about you, or your condition in confidence

Have access to an up-to-date register of consultants, with practicing privileges at the hospital, and with details of their specialties

Have any complaint, verbal or written, fully investigated, and receive a response, either verbal, or written in accordance with our complaints policy

Be able to choose whether or not to take part in clinical staff training, and whether to take part in research

Find the direction signs throughout the hospital, clear and easy to follow

During your stay
If your visit requires an overnight stay, or treatment as a day-case patient, we will always aim to provide you with Privacy, and dignity at all times.
At least one visit every day, from a senior member of the nursing team
An allocated member of the care team, who will co-ordinate your care, and act as a primary contact point for you and your friend or relative
An arrangement of meals, with a variety of choices, including those suitable for special dietary or clinical needs
24 hour a day access to a doctor in accordance with your medical care needs

When children are admitted to City Hospital, we will make every effort to ensure that they receive
The opportunity to visit the hospital before admission along with their parents and/or guardians
The opportunity to have a parent and/or guardian to stay with them overnight.
Information supplied in a way that they will understand
Menu choices which are suitable for their age, and medical condition

Going home
When you leave the hospital after an overnight stay, or following treatment as a day-case patient, we want you to feel confident that you're sufficiently prepared for your return home. And so, in conjunction with your consultant, we aim to ensure that you be Provided with all the necessary advice, information, and medical supplies to enable your immediate return home
Given all relevant contact details to enable you to call the hospital, at any time should any problems arise.

Contacted by a member of our care team, once you're home (if you so wish), and to confirm that you are making a satisfactory recovery, and to provide you with any further advice

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